Divorce and Family Law

We also offer a wide range of services in the field of divorce and family law.

Divorce and Alimony/ Maintenance law

If a family or a relationship splits, the environment of the involved parties changes completely. Besides of the emotional burden, financial questions concerning alimony law also play an important role. Our aim is to keep both parties in contact with each other, through judicial accords outside the court, taking into consideration the interest of the children.

Marriage contract

We offer our clients legal assistance on closing a marriage contract or a form of contract within a domestic partnership.

International family law

You are also welcome to be advised in foreign or mixed marriages. In this case, we have to decide if a German court holds jurisdiction and if whether it is possible (and advisable) to employ German or foreign law.

Child abduction

Should it happen after a divorce, that one of the parents takes along a joint child overseas, Germany is a contracting state in the international agreements, which govern the use of the return of abducted children and the implementation of acquaintance rights.
The most important international agreement is the Haager Accord, which rules civil aspects of international abduction. A large numbers of states belong to the Haager agreements. The main aim of the agreement is a fast return of abducted children.


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